Friday, May 27, 2016

Skeleton Wolf Self-Titled Review

Format: Digipack
Label: Independent
Release Date: June 10, 2016

Three men with a very large sound. 

That sound is straightforward and they employ no esoteric tactics;  they choose instead to rely heavily on solid riffing, blackened thrash paces which stand the test of time and very occasionally use vicious embellishment in the form of homespun sample work.    

Noteworthy, too, is Tim Green's vocalizing. He enunciates clearly and his delivery is fierce, but not altogether monstrous. He makes an effective case. The group-led vocals throughout the album are great to shout along to and should provide easy cues for both the listener and the show attendee. 

However, there is a little gimmickry. The only frills to be had, overall, are the many heavy bass drops they've chosen to include. These moments exist in two songs and five of them are countable in one song that's just under five minutes: excessive is the word for that! But, apart from the egregious use of these audio apparatuses, what remains is an exercise in unpretentious and enjoyable extreme metal.

It doesn't feel like coincidence that the band's name is a reversal of the typification of a Dungeons & Dragons creature (a Wolf Skeleton). For now, Skeleton Wolf is a very simple yet effective creature. The music absolutely attacks, and does so simply, until its conclusion. Skeleton Wolf obeys the metal command in a very single-minded way. If they continue to play to their strengths, following their own initiative to develop themselves, they could be a very strong band. Their do-it-yourself work ethic is absolutely to be commended.

Skeleton Wolf have created a debut that seems the result of diligent distillation of their many inspirations and, moreover, sounds like something that should inspire a positive and visceral response.

  • Reviewed by Richard Jaspering for Mondo Metal STL on May 27, 2016

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